The specialist Software business's inside Conbrio Technology provides some unique products to our New Zealand and Australian customers.

We have our own software developers who create and support the products with a range of development disciplines including both Microsoft and Open Source


Vendor Partners

 Conbrio Cyber Security provides a wide range of Software solutions to address the needs of mid-size through to very large enterprise clients.

 SOLUTIONS FOR Medium to large USER sites



 Conbrio Cyber Security Distribute Pkware in ANZ.

PKWARE protects the world's data with Smart Encryption software and solutions. In use by more than 30,000 businesses, PKWARE's easy-to-use security armors data itself and eliminates vulnerabilities wherever data is used, shared or stored.

PKWARE's products specialise in protecting data both at rest and in transit across all the major computer platforms.

  •  Securecrypt multiplatform Encryption