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Conbrio Technology is a complete Technology Manufacturer and Distributor of Hardware, Software and Installation Services. Due to our capabilities and product relationships we can provide a unique range of IT, Network, Security,  Printing, Video and Imaging Solutions. To fully understand why we are unique check out our company's history which helps explain the range of business that make up Conbrio Technology. Each business unit can compete in its marketplace against other solutions however if you leverage our complete capability we can do things no one else can.

Reasons why you should choose Conbrio:


  • Many of our products are only created by us which allows us to create unique solutions
  • Our range of business's often allow us to offer a solution that cannot be replicated by others.
  • Independent, our solutions are not influenced by any outside sources.
  • Options, restricted by budget we work with you to provide a solution that fits your company.
  • Credibility, over 10,000 customers can't be wrong.
  • 100% Kiwi owned



Conbrio Technology acquires Sportcheck

Conbrio is excited about the the recent acquisition of Sportcheck.co.nz           www.sportcheck.co.nz is a leading instant messaging platform specializing in "one to many" txt notifications.

Latest News
Arche Technology

We are excited about the recent acquisition or Arche Technology and bringing them into the Conbrio Technology Family. Arche Technology are a well respected IT provider that has been around since 1993 providing workstation and  servers as well as other IT related products.

Public Technology

Conbrio Technology Group Ltd purchased Public Technology Ltd which means we can now offer you more - click to find out more.

Business Solutions Northland

Conbrio Technology Ltd have merged with Business Solutions Northland to form Conbrio Technology Group Ltd, which means we are now able to offer you Printing, Video and Imaging Solutions.

Click here to find out more about Business Solutions Northland.

Conbrio Security

In  2014 Conbrio Technology partnered with iCQR Security to form Conbrio Security.  Conbrio Security Is a registered security provider that has over 40 years experience and the capability to install and support a complete range of security products including, monitored intruder alarms, security Camera's - CCTV, building access solutions. Click to find out more.

Fivo Wifi

In 2013 Conbrio Technology purchased the Wi-Fi and ISP business from Smartpay. This together with the Site WiFi business gives us a wide range of solutions and customers using our networking products.

Click to find out more on Fivo Wi-Fi


In 2012 Conbrio Technology purchased Insite Technology from Renaissance Ltd. Insite Technology is a New Zealand business that builds quality new Computer Workstations, Servers and Laptops. Insite has been around since the early 1990's.

Click to find out more on Insite

The Ark

Conbrio purchased The Ark in 2006,one of New Zealand's most recognized brands involved in the re-use and recycling of computer equipment. The Ark has been in business since 1995.

Click to find out more on The Ark



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