The specialist Enterprise Security business inside Conbrio Technology recognizes the changing requirements to protect an Enterprise from malicious behavior or events and has built a business unit specializing in providing solutions to address this


We are excited about the range of products that we can provide into both New Zealand and Australia of which some of them are exclusive to Conbrio Technology Group. Other products are ones we feel compliment our offering and are required as part of an overall solution.


PKWARE protects the world's data with Smart Encryption software and solutions. In use by more than 30,000 businesses, PKWARE's easy-to-use security armors data itself and eliminates vulnerabilities wherever data is used, shared or stored.

PKWARE's products specialise in protecting data both at rest and in transit across all the major computer platforms.

Dtex Systems

Dtex Systems is a Worldwide Leader in Endpoint Security Analytics and they brings visibility, transparency, and security to leading global organizations.

Some of the security issues Dtex Systems address include:

  • Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Malicious Employees
  • Accidental Misuse
  • Failed Security Controls
  • Off-Network Risky Behavior
  • Fraud and Embezzlement

Cylance Next Generation Anti-Virus.

"The key point with Cylance is it works by asking millions of questions in microseconds of any new code and can determine from the answers the likelihood it is Malware.
“This is a new approach and with changing malware, it catches a lot that others miss.”
Cylance has the ability to get 90 % plus hit rates even on unknown malware no one has seen before, this is the main way systems are compromised so getting those sorts of hit rates for the really clever malware attacks can make a big difference to a company’s security posture.

Layer 8

Conbrio are the New Zealand Agent for Layer 8 security

Layer 8 offers 4 main service solutions in New Zealand through Conbrio.

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security Awareness Training
  • On Demand Security Operations Centre support.


Skybox Security

Skybox provide a set of modules to help large organisations manage their Secure, Risk and Compliance requirements better

Checkpoint Software Technologies Ltd



Conbrio Enterprise security also can discuss solutions addressing the following areas:


Digital Rights Management

Security Information and Event Management

Web Application Firewalls

Database and File Activity monitoring

Patch management

Cloud Access Security Brokers

Priviledged Access Management

Secure Software Development

Website Monitoring

Threat Streams and Analyitics

Compliance tools

Ethical hacking tools

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